For the past several weeks, our family has been in communication with leadership at AGWM and we have been in fervent prayer as we continued to seek direction on a new country within Africa. We are extremely excited to announce that we have now been assigned to serve in South Africa at Jackson's Ridge Children's Ministries Training Centre!

Jackson's Ridge has three areas of ministry:

First, Jackson’s Ridge is a Children’s Ministry Training Centre for adult leaders, children’s workers, teachers and community workers who want to impact the lives of all children in their communities.

Second, Jackson’s Ridge is a Children’s Camping facility specializing in camps for all kinds of children from church groups, community organizations and disadvantaged communities. Jackson’s Ridge also serves as the continental office for Royal Family Kids Camps, a program designed especially for hurting children who have been physically, emotionally and sexually abused and neglected.

Third, Jackson’s Ridge is a Resource Centre, providing the largest array of children’s ministry materials and supplies in Africa.

There are many blessings involved with this assignment, not the least of which is that our family will be able to continue to homeschool, Savannah and McCoy will be able to be heavily involved in the ministry, and the fact that God gave us a calling to work with children. In short, Jackson's Ridge is a perfect and divine fit in which God can utilize our calling and our passions in order to impact His Kingdom.

Our duties will include working with kids at camp, teaching in seminars, partnering with local churches to train upcoming children's ministry workers, teaching at local schools, creating children's ministry resources, grounds keeping, maintenance, administration, and hosting various groups that frequent the camp.

Jackson's Ridge is located just outside of Magaliesburg in the Northwest province of South Africa.

WHAT'S NEXT? Here's what the next 90 days will look like for our family:

First of all, we are now 96% funded for our monthly support. (You have no idea how hard it was not to type that in all caps)

We will continue to share our hearts at churches and complete our budget.

We are praying for our home to sell in God's perfect timing.

We begin the Visa process, get our required immunizations, buy plane tickets, move out of our home, draft a will, sell our furniture and car, put a few special memories in storage, condense everything we will bring with us into 16 Rubbermaid totes, cry a lot, say goodbye to family and friends for 3 years, and in late January, we have one of the greatest privileges in our lives and that is to enter a country that God specifically called our family to so that we can share His love with the people of South Africa.

Prayer Points:

Pray that our home sells in His perfect timing.
Pray for our family as we prepare to leave for South Africa.
Pray for an easy and expedited Visa process.
Pray that we have the necessary monetary funding and prayer support to be as effective as possible.
Pray that Savannah and McCoy are able to develop lasting and deep friendships.